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About us this is online store that is located in Russia. We deliver products directly from the manufacturer (t-shirt yarn from fabric). It all started in 2017, when BISKVIT yarn became popular in Russia and began to be imported to other countries.

On the site pages, we tell you about the 100% cotton t-shirt yarn in detail and knitting with t-shirt yarn, for example, that the ribbon is produced from primary textiles, and not from waste. It has other names, such as jersey yarn, trapillo yarn, and others. This makes the thread smooth along the entire length and improves the quality of products made of such yarn. The online store specializes in selling not only t-shirt yarn. The idea of making yarn popular came when we started getting a lot of requests to buy yarn from other countries.

It turned out that the premium BISKVIT yarn is very versatile and suitable not only for making handbags and rugs. Yarn is used in clothing, interior decoration, and the world of needlework appreciates this product. We found it difficult to buy BISKVIT yarn on Russian sites and made a special site for foreigners. Separate pages of the site allow you to get an answer to the question about the cost of delivering products to your country without contacting us and without waiting.

We found it difficult to buy yarn in other countries at a reasonable price. Some online stores in Europe offered BISKVIT yarn, but the choice of the number of threads or the choice of yarn textile was limited. Our site solves this problem with minimal postage. We always have the option to send yarn by inexpensive delivery with a track, and the site user gets the opportunity to choose colors from the large stock availability.

In addition to services for the presentation and delivery of goods, we are happy to think that we participate in the life of every buyer who chose our yarn. This is not obvious but we know that we took part in the process from the textile production stage to the stage when you touch your finished product from BISKVIT yarn with your hands. We like this philosophy and we will continue to make our efforts to give you a reason to get pleasant impressions and emotions from the whole process.

We work a lot for you and sometimes we look at the process from the yarn manufacturer. Please return us to the buyers' side. You have the opportunity to speak out by writing us an email. After receiving each email, we switch our minds and read the information through the client's eyes. We are always happy to help you, as well as get your feedback about the yarn or our work.

With respect and gratitude, team