Bags and Backpacks (t-shirt yarn, cord, raffia, jute)

The return of knitted bags to the world of high fashion and wardrobes of all fashionistas can be considered a final fait accompli! Personality, coupled with a love of handwork, were the main factors here. The author of this book, Katerina Baklago, a popular Instagram master, firmly believes that she can best tie a beautiful and stylish bag... her future owner! A fashionable novelty in the world of knitting, knitted yarn, will help you create a truly extraordinary thing that will definitely get you in a single copy. Together with Ekaterina, you will learn how to knit the most popular models of bags: bags, shoppers, backpacks, clutches and beach bags. Each master class in the book is a full-fledged lesson, and step-by-step descriptions and knitting patterns will help novice needlewomen in their work.

Book in Russian